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Our 2016 Speakers


Lt Col Patrick Testerman


Lt Col Patrick Testerman (USAF ret.)

March 8, 2016 – Video / Synopsis
“Reversing America’s Decline”

James Simpson


James Simpson

April 5, 2016 – Video / Synopsis
“The Refugee Resettlement/Migration Crisis”

James Jay Carafano


James Carafano

May 17, 2016 – Video
“The EMP Threat”

Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore

September 13 , 2016
“The Fed and the True Economy Before the Election” (tentative)

Diana West
Diana West

Diana West

October 18 , 2016 – Video
“Where Did “Politically Correct” Come from and What Is It Doing?” (Cultural Marxism in America)

“An Informed Citizenry is at the Heart of a Dynamic Democracy.”

Thomas Jefferson



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The Venue

The Extraordinary Ventures Event Center

EvCenterThe majority of the ICON Lecture Series presentations are held at the Extraordinary Ventures Event Center. Extraordinary Ventures is an amazing non-profit operation dedicated to bettering the lives of young men and women with autism and other developmental disabilities. They create jobs and fund their programs through the rental of the event center as well as laundry services and other ventures. We proudly support their efforts and greatly appreciate the use of their amazing Event Center.

The Event Center is located at 200 S. Elliott Road, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514