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ICON Synopsis, Guandolo event Sept 15, 2015

On 9/15/15, John Guandolo was ICON speaker for a second time.  The prior time was in April 2014, and the national and international events in the interval have been stunning.  ICON President Janie Wagstaff provided an abbreviated reminder of his background in the Holyland court case, his blog site “Understanding the Threat”, counterterrorism education regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, and in the FBI.  John was welcomed with great enthusiasm.  At John’s initiative, the program began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

John started with a forceful reminder that there IS Good News, which is that we are in a critical situation facing a massive threat, and good things have to be fought for.   The outcome of this war will be up to us in our communities.  Us alone.  We must turn away from any need to be liked or be nice.  Patriots and leaders lead.  We are exhorted by opponents to shut up but we must overcome those destructive manipulations.  He also expressed confidence in his assessment of the nature of Sharia, and offered that if anyone could demonstrate that the explanations given this evening were in error, he would reward them with $1000.

How did we get here to this perilous position?  Think of the Iran “deal”.  It is well established that the 9/11 perpetrators were heavily supported by Iran.  The current “deal” shows a massive disconnect from reality.  We MUST LIVE IN REALITY.  That theme (the importance of living in the real world) was brought up repeatedly during the evening.

John turned to the means being used to dissociate us from reality.  Joseph Pieper’s book  “Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power” describes what happens when language looses meaning, as happened under Nazis and communism.  If the meaning of a word or term changes so that people no longer share core meaning of words, conversation becomes impossible and non-truth is spoken.  If the change has been instigated by an individual the change is a manipulation, and if the change is caused by a government it is tyrannical and propaganda.  An example is the expunging of terms such as jihad, terrorism, and Islam from the US threat assessments and assessments of the nature of attacks.  The Ft Hood murders were termed “workplace violence”, whereas everyone knows it was jihad and the perpetrator said so himself.   “Terrorism” to us means killing of civilians; the Islamic definition is killing a Muslim without justification in Sharia law.  “Peace” to us means mutual tolerance; the Islamic definition is the condition that will occur when the entire world has come under Sharia law.

Re efforts to discourage the recognition of jihad, a major effort by Islamists has been to identify any criticism of Islam to be criminal, offensive, and slander.  The Islamic law of slander includes penalties of violence and murder, and hence the attempted murders of Spencer and Geller in Garland Texas.  That puts American precepts of liberty at stake, whereas our defense of liberty needs to be on the offense.  The term “islamophobia” was developed by the MB in order to impose Islamic slander laws on Western citizens without having to resort to court action.  It has been a notably successful means of coercing people to shut up any criticism of Islam, Sharia, or Muslim aggression.

A video clip was shown of young men in Minneapolis who stated they would prefer to live under Sharia law, and that the murder of a person in the US who insults Mohammed is justified.

What are the Islamic legal sources of Jihad?   1.Suna (sayings of the prophet), 2. The Koran (uncreated word of God as transmitted to Mohammed), and 3. Hadiths (witnessed accounts of Mohammed’s life and sayings).  Al-Bukhari is the author of definitive accounts of hadiths.  A definitive text on Islamic law is “Reliance of the Traveler”.  Jihad is an aspect of Islamic LAW.  Note: the ONLY creditable material on Islam is written BY Muslims FOR Muslims.  It is a capital crime for a Muslim to mislead another Muslim.  Also note:  If there is an apparent conflict in Islamic documents (Koran, Suna, Hadiths), the later precepts are authoritative over the earlier ones.   Later Suna of the Koran demand that Muslims fight jihad until the entire world has submitted to Islam.  Mohammed, “the perfect man”, acted to enforce the demand of the Koran for submission of invaded peoples.  That is jihad.  The world is divided into two worlds, the world of Dar al-Harb (house of war) where the imposition of Sharia law is incomplete, and Dar al-Islam where Islam in supreme.   However, currently in US  government (FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA), nowhere is the nature of Sharia being taught because our government insists that reliance-travellerterrorism committed by Muslims has nothing to do with Islam.

Re Islamic Law, we need to know:  1. “Ijma” means “consensus”. During the 10th C it was determined that consensus occurs when there was perfect alignment between the words of the Koran, sayings and actions by Mohammed, and the statements of direct witnesses on the life of Mohammed (hadiths).   That perfect alignment established that that point was settled forever and could never be changed. 2. “Abrogation” means that material that comes later in history overrides material that had come earlier.  The Koran was revealed in stages over time.  So, the later (and authoritative) Koran verses came during the Medina period in the late 630s and include the warring and aggressive suras 9 and 5 which order use of the sword and relations between Muslims and non-muslims.  The murder of Jews and Christians are formulated by later Koranic verses in synchrony with the actions of Mohammed and is therefore consensus and required of Muslims.

How does Islam define itself?  Tafsir is source of interpretations of the meaning of words and verses in Koran.  What does a verse on the Koran mean?  Go to Tafsir, their constitutional scholar.  Islam is NOT a religion.  It is law regarding all aspects of a complete way of life, and therefore implementation must be complete.

So, how do these understandings explain the current European invasion?  The example of Mohammed was that Islam was brought to Medina over a period of 23 years.  Early there was civilizational jihad in which Muslims moved in, mosques were established, territory was claimed, the population was slowly prepared to be confronted with Sharia, and Mohammed strengthened his forces.  With those Milestones accomplished, there was mass migration and warfare to overcome the natives.  The natives were twice politely invited to join with Islam.  When they refused they were either murdered or subdued into a subjugated state.  With that example comes the precept that when Muslims have the prepared situation and force to wage jihad, it is mandatory be done.  So in Europe, by the  ‘70s the British had left the Middle East and Muslim nations acquired oil money.  Later, the Iran hostage crisis was promptly settled when a strong Western leader came to the White House.  Now there is no Western strength of will or active power, Europe has been subjected to jihad so that they no longer criticize Islam, so the MILESTONES precept mandates a mass migration into a new area.  All of the current aggression is driven by one war through the Muslim Brotherhood including Mali, Syria, Iraq, lone wolves.  In Jordan, which is a genuine Western ally, the US is supporting Abdullah’s enemies in the MB.  In the Holyland papers were found the outlines of the Milestones for the US.  The actions of the Ft Hood jihadist were in perfect synchrony with Islamic precepts.

John noted the tight connection between the efforts of Marxists and Muslims.  Both advocate the creation of chaos in order to create opportunities to advance the principles of their respective movements.  Now there exist in the US over 2200 mosques and Islamic Centers, each of which is believed by Muslims to control the territory around it.

The Q&A session was lively, and included discussion of sharia-compliant banking, which benefits the MB in several ways.  The relation between Shia and Sunni sects was brought up, with the public’s confusion about whether they were co-operating or mutually at war.  The short answer was that they conflict regarding the domination of Muslim areas, but in efforts to extend Islam over non-Muslims they co-operate.  What should a new President do right away to start to help the nation?  The main recommendations were to cease all immigration in order to evaluate the national needs and to plan for an orderly program, and to repeal the 17th Amendment to the Constitution in order to make senators responsive to their constituents. The attrition of Judeo-Christian foundational belief was extensively discussed as weakening the ability of the West to defend itself against an enemy ideology.

For further information and action, please go to John Guandolo’s website http://www.understandingthethreat.com, and also see https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org.   And, join and participate with Act for America!

The next ICON event, Oct 27, will be “Worldwide Persecution of Christians and Jews.  What We Can Do About It”.  Get tickets, mark your calendar, gather some friends, and plan to come.


Best wishes,

Laura Gutman

Board, ICON Lecture Series