Podcast: How US College Campuses Incubate and Enforce Cultural Marxism

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Cultural Marxism is gaining strength on our college campuses.  Hate speech policing and dissension are prevalent. What is causing this and what can we do? This is the inaugural event for the ICON Lecture Series 2017 season. Mike S. Adams, PhD, discusses the growth of Cultural Marxism in our US Campuses. This event was March […]

A Letter to our Patrons and Friends

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Dear Friends of ICON Lecture Series, The evening with Diana West occurred just over two weeks ago, and as an unexpected added aspect of the event it brought ICON face to face with the currently surging efforts to impose a chilling suppression of free dialogue through the imposition of politically correct speech and thought criteria.  […]

ICON Synopsis, Guandolo event Sept 15, 2015

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On 9/15/15, John Guandolo was ICON speaker for a second time.  The prior time was in April 2014, and the national and international events in the interval have been stunning.  ICON President Janie Wagstaff provided an abbreviated reminder of his background in the Holyland court case, his blog site “Understanding the Threat”, counterterrorism education regarding […]